Wolverine Wrap™ is a micro-perforated polypropylene house wrap. It is designed to protect exterior wall systems from bulk moisture infiltration.  With advanced U.V. protection, it can be exposed to the elements for 6 months without deterioration in quality. The micro-perforation allows moisture and vapor to escape while also acting as an air barrier. Requires no maintenance after installation.

Key Advantages of Wolverine Wrap™

Wolverine Wrap™ offers superior water protection to the outer wall structure to help keep your  new or existing buildings moisture free.

Durable Construction

Wolverine Wrap™ has a high Tensile Strength  of 52 lbs/in MD, 30 lbs/in CD 

Air Resistant

Wolverine Wrap™ resists air infiltration and protects against drafts. Its durable construction improves the performance of the insulation system and increases energy efficiency. 


The micro-perforations in Wolverine Wrap™ allow moisture as a vapor to escape leaving wall cavities dry and damage free. It is permeable with a industry recommended 9 US Perms.  

Temperature Resistant

Wolverine Wrap™ products offer great extreme cold and heat resistance

UV Protection

The ultraviolet inhibitors in Wolverine Wrap™ offer exceptional UV protection for up to six months 

Custom Printing

Ensure your business is known by printing your company’s logo on the industry’s leading house wrap and barrier film.  We provide 3-color process printing for your logo or company name on all of our products. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your company’s image.

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