Bio-Compostable Papers and Boards

Bio-Compostable Papers, Boards, and Films Leave greener footprints with our bio-compostable products CUSTOM BIO-COMPOSTABLE PRODUCTS Our bio-compostable paper and boards are an innovative, environmentally friendly solution to your product challenges. The Griff Network’s bio-compostable materials are manufactured using bio-based resources, leaving greener footprints. This sustainable product has a wide range of applications and is compostable, …

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Raeton Durable Paper Film

RAETON™ can easily handle single and multi-color printing via the widest variety of traditional printing processes, deep embossing, foil stamping, gloss coatings, clean die-cutting, perforating, and gluing.

Silicone Release Papers

From the bandage paper we peel away after a nasty paper-cut to the backing of every postage stamp we place, silicone release paper keeps fresh and tacky a wide variety of adhesives.

Graphic Papers

As a global supplier of the latest print-based substrates whether in sheet form, roll-fed, encad, or even a desktop product, we cut to size and produce to order.

Food Grade Papers

As a global supplier of food grade paper for baking, wrapping, and transporting products, we have all substrates in stock and ready for converting into diecuts, sheets, or rolls.


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