Polymer Film when you need it

Griff has the extrusion capability to manufacture polymer film and sheet goods from 2mil – 50mil, polymer dependent. Our extrusion lines have the ability to extrusion coat, extrusion laminate, and extrude on liner. In-house blending capabilities offer our customers a variety of colors and additives and a large inventory of embossed rollers for the ideal surface for any application.

Melt process polymers up to 700ºF

  • Fluoropolymers
    • THV, Halar, Tefzel, Solef
  • Amorphous
  • Semicrystalline
    • POM, PMP, PPS, PBT
  • Elastomers
    • TPU, TPE, synthetic rubber, PVC
  • 25um – 380um thickness
  • 1750 um Thickness
  • Water-cooled calendar stack
  • BetaScan thickness control
  • Online corona treating
  • 24:1,2.5” barrel
  • Standard & barrier screws

Tolling, Contract Manufacturing & Development

  • Use of our advanced system and personnel for your specific needs
  • Co-operative engineering and development work on site
  • Private labeling/packaging available
  • Contract slitting available

Custom In-House Manufacturing

  • Flat-die extrusion of monolayer and extrusion coated products
  • Thickness capabilities of 1 mil to 60 mils (polymer dependent)
  • Width capabilities up to one meter
  • Slit rolls and sheets available on custom quotation

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