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Converting has been a part of Griff for almost 40 years and Griff continues to expand its converting capabilities with its newest converting facility that was added in 2014. It has became a natural fit to help our customers with all of their converting needs through Contract Converting. Whether it is Paper Slitting, Sheeting, Lamination, Extrusion or Coating, Griff has the ability to bring solutions its customers.

  • Capabilities include slitting paper film, foil, foam, laminates & tape from .5 inches to 110 inches.
  • Razor, Score, Shear, Single, Duplex, Center Rewinding, etc.
  • Rewinding of rolls from 60″ unwind diameter down to 1 inch cores rewind diameter.


  • Precision sheeting up to 60″ wide x 200″
  • Anti Static Coating “Dusting”
  • Interleaving, converting and marking


  • All substrates die cut from 7/8″ to 50″ diameters
  • Squares, Octagons and various shapes with or without holes available
  • Drill pressing
  • Guillotine trimming +\- .125.


  • Griff provides one color printing on the back side of our silicone-coated release liners.
  • From company logos to tear tab instructions.


  • Griff also provides warehousing for your material.
  • With over 150,000 square feet of floor space and our racking system, we can store your materials or equipment.
  • Our facilities are protected by 24 hour security as well as a series of high tech alarm systems.


  • Shrink wrapping, padding, edge protection, banding (metal / plastic), core plugs, palletizing, foam protection, impact guards and more.

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