RUF Tape

The Roofing Industry's Leading Flashing Tape

Custom Printing

Ensure your business is known by printing your company’s logo on the industry’s leading flashing tape.  We provide 3-color process printing for your logo or company name on all of our products. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your company’s image.


 R.U.F. Tape™ is a flashing tape that is built to compliment our underlayment and house wrap products. Designed with the same properties as our R.U.F. Tacker™, this flashing tape can withstand extreme heat, cold, and direct U.V. exposure for 6 months without deterioration in quality. R.U.F. Tape™ also features a split liner for easy positioning and installation.


Durable Construction

RUF™ Products are made from high quality woven coated HDPE and LDPE layered materials with a strength thats built to last.

Temperature Resistance

RUF™ Products offer resistance to both extreme cold and extreme heat temperatures. With a service temperature from -10ºC (-50ºF) up to 80ºC (176ºF)

UV Protection

RUF™ Products offer exceptional UV protection up to six months.


RUF™ Products offer superior waterproofing to help keep your new or existing buildings moisture-free.

Harsh Weather Protection

RUF™ Products provide outstanding durability against debris from high winds and harsh weather

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