These boxes can take the heat

The Griff Network is a leading supplier of silicone release boxes. These boxes are typically used in a hot pour application where the contents will eventually solidify. This box can be used with hot asphalt compounds, hot melt applications, epoxies, liquid wax, etc. We offer boxes in a variety of sizes and dimensions.

Griff combines technical experience, large inventory and the latest technology in converting, laminating and coating machinery. We can also sheet, slit, diecut and print liners for packaging and production applications. We offer low minimums and short lead times to help you with inventory.

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Industries Using Silicone Release Boxes
  • Griff Building Products Division

    Make your products strong, effective, and permanent with films, release liners, and face films from The Griff Network. Help ensure proper application and protection from your products with our innovative solutions for building and construction products.

  • Sealants

    Designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, you can rely on Griff to provide your product with the proper backing and release paper to ensure proper application and installation, even in high temperature situations.

Featured Products

  • Release Separators
    Release Separators

    Griff’s complete line of packaging release separators can be used in various forms of adhesive and packaging needs.

  • Raeton™ Durable Paper
    Raeton™ Durable Paper

    RAETON™ laminated products are typically paper / film / paper and the resultant characteristics exceed the properties of the individual components prior to them being combined.

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