RangeSafe is a safer range knob, designed to make the accidental and inquisitive operation of a burner much more difficult, if not impossible, for small children and pets. Yes, pets do turn on ranges and range tops – more often than you would think.

According to the International Fire Chiefs Association report of January 9th 2013: “11% of injuries originate on the stove top, not during cooking but when a child or pet inadvertently turns on the burner.”  The RangeSafe Knob prevents this.  In order to activate, you must pinch both sides, push, and then turn the knob on, as opposed to your traditional push and turn.

The RangeSafe Knob was conceived and perfected over 7 years to ensure your family is safe in the one place that safety is expected–your home.

See RangeSafe featured on KBIS.

View our installation guide here.


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