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As a global supplier of food grade paper for baking, wrapping, and transporting products, we have all substrates in stock and ready for converting into diecuts, sheets, or rolls.


Foil Paper

Our foil paper is created using an extremely thin caliper metal which is laminated to high quality paper for added strength. Our foil paper is tough, pliable, and wrinkle-resistant. The foil can be top-coated to improve ink receptivity. The shine and strength of the paper makes it ideal for labels and box-wrap.

Please contact a representative today so they can tailor a foil paper product to suit your particular need.

Freezer Paper

Our freezer paper is a poly-coated paper that is a commercial grade product. The coating, on one side of the paper, makes this paper ideal for use in the meat industry, such as butcher departments and locker plants. Since the paper is high quality it has the ability to retain its strength in wet or greasy environments. The paper itself gives the product strength, as well as durability. The coating provides a barrier against moisture and air, as well as protects the quality and flavor during freezing.

Please contact a representative today so they can tailor a freezer paper product to suit your particular need.

Glassine Paper

Our Glassine Paper is grease resistant, non-absorbent, with a high resistance to the passage of air. This material is smooth and transparent, and is made in white and various colors. It protects items from moisture and can be creased and folded. It also has the ability to accept ink or markers.

Greaseproof Paper

Our greaseproof paper is made from unbleached base. This paper has a protective barrier that resists grease and prevents fats from soaking through. It has a variety of uses in the kitchen, such as wrapping food and lining cooking tins and pans.

Please contact a representative today so they can tailor a greaseproof paper product to suit your particular need.

Metallized Paper

Not only is metallized paper visually appealing, but it is also durable, cost effective, and food-safe. Imparting a modern and high-quality design, metallized paper is some of the most trusted and popular materials across many industries.

Our metallized paper is:

    • Flexible
    • Shiny
    • Food-safe

The material is created by vaporizing aluminum into deposits on paper. This process allows the material to be up to 100x thinner than aluminum foil while having the flexibility and weightlessness of paper. Metallized paper makes excellent vapor/heat barriers and insulators, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Metallized papers are available in a wide variety of formats, sizes and thicknesses. Orders can be tailored to fit customer needs.

Click here to download our metallized paper sales sheet.

Parchment Paper

Griff Paper and Film’s parchment paper is more than a baker’s best friend: it’s a necessary kitchen tool, a display for important documents, and an industrial release paper all in one. Important legal documents can be printed and preserved on our parchment’s smooth, protective surface. Superior to wax paper for its moisture-, grease- and heat resistances, our parchment is an industrial release paper that can be used for sifting, baking, transferring and packaging, then wiped clean for reuse. Its natural low-dust interleaving makes it the perfect fit for anything from food packaging to graphics.

Industrial Release Paper
Smooth, Protective Surface

Parchment paper is made by running paper pulp through a bath of sulfuric acid, partially dissolving the paper. This gives the material such plastic-like qualities as natural non-stick, high density, stability and heat resistance up to 420 degrees.

Our 100% vegan, food-safe parchment paper is Kosher and FDA certified and can come coated with silicone or Quilon on one or two sides. It is available in sheets, rolls, die-cuts, muffin cups, pastry bags or can be fully customized to suit your needs.

Similar products include wax paper, grease-proof paper, and glassine.

Polycoated Paper

Our polycoated paper is a complex mix of paper and polyethylene. It is used for food packaging and other related packagings.

Quilon Paper

Quilon offers excellent release qualities for many food categories such as frozen food, pastry, candy and baking. Use Quilon at the bottom of your baking pans to help prevent the product from sticking while in the oven at high temperatures. These procedures help reduce food waste that would normally result from sticking to the baking pans.

Greaseproof Quilon sheets also allow such items as pizza, chicken and meats to easily be removed from the pan without leaving any food debris. Quilon is approved by the FDA and the USDA for the use of meat and poultry, and is approved for Kosher use.

The pre-die-cut design saves prep time in the food preparation process for both cooking and packaging. Quilon circles/sheets are also grease-resistant, which makes them ideal for lining cake boxes and pans. Quilon can be utilized in many scenarios for packing and specifically food packing for items such as candy, gum and prepared cooked foods.

Tissue Paper

Whether for decoration or for hygiene, tissue paper holds up to a wide variety of uses. Tissue paper is associated with the properties of absorbency, volume, brightness, stretch, appearance, comfort and strength. While our tissue paper is the perfect fit for packaging such as liners, stuffing or interleaf, it also has the wet-strength to stand up to heavy-duty applications like lamination.


We convert our tissue paper in-house to make it easier to process for our customers, whether it is needed for decorative wrapping, artistic packaging, or household uses. Available as either virgin or recycled pulp, we tailor the formulation to meet your engineering demands and print quality while lowering the carbon footprint.

The thickness and dimensions are fully customizable, and we can laminate it to other materials to enhance the tissue paper’s natural properties. Our tissue paper comes in natural kraft or bleached color, and from either virgin pulp for smoothness applications, or recycled pulp for industrial applications.

Wax Paper

Our wax paper is made with waxes from refined petroleum-based products. It is a semi-transparent, moisture-proof paper. These characteristics make wax paper an ideal paper for use in the food industry for covering food and lining pans.

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