Particle Film

Ideal for your printing projects and self-adhering with permanent adhesive products.

Product Overview

Key Features:

  • Continuous, Seamless Pattern
  • Actual Glitter Chips Incorporated Into the Manufacturing
  • Tactilely Smooth Surface


  • Product Enhancement
  • Social distancing graphics signage
  • Point-of-Sale signage
  • Floor or wall promotional graphics
  • Warning or cautionary signage or displays
  • Medical signage


The Particle Film line gives your product long-lasting and vibrant sparkle producing a magical aura and luster that promises “dreams do come true!” Griff Decorative Films’ Particle Film wraps your product in a sophisticated glitter giving it an awe inspiring look and a unique presentation. We manufacture this specialized film using our superior process called “second surface”, a technique ideal for your printing projects and self-adhering with permanent adhesive products. Griff Decorative Films also offers Micro Particle Film which utilizes particles that are half of the size of our standard particles. Our Micro Particle film is perfect for projects that require some glamour without going overboard with sparkle.

Griff Decorative Films manufacture Particle Film from self-extinguishing, non-burning PVC resins, available in unlimited custom and standard colors. Standard width is 63 centimeters and thickness is 65-75 microns, with wider widths and thicker films available by special order. Particle Film film delivers extreme UVoutdoor durabilityand UVLatexProCut Vinyl Cutter, and Eco Solvent Ink receptivity . Thicker films and unlimited colors are available for special order.

Particle Film is available silver, gold and all standard colors. However, the colors, widths and thicknesses can be customized to suit your needs.


Fantasy Particle Red #32