A magical aura and luster the sparkles

The Particle Film line gives your product long-lasting and vibrant sparkle producing a magical aura and luster that promises “dreams do come true!” Griff Decorative Films’ Particle Film wraps your product in a sophisticated glitter giving it an awe inspiring look and a unique presentation. We manufacture this specialized film using our superior process called “second surface”, a technique ideal for your printing projects and self-adhering with permanent adhesive products. Griff Decorative Films also offers Micro Particle Film which utilizes particles that are half of the size of our standard particles. Our Micro Particle film is perfect for projects that require some glamour without going overboard with sparkle.

  • Continuous, Seamless Pattern
  • Actual Glitter Chips Incorporated Into the Manufacturing
  • Tactilely Smooth Surface

Griff Decorative Films manufacture Particle Film from self-extinguishing, non-burning PVC resins, available in unlimited custom and standard colors. Standard width is 63 centimeters and thickness is 65-75 microns, with wider widths and thicker films available by special order. Particle Film film delivers extreme UV, outdoor durabilityand UV, Latex, ProCut Vinyl Cutter, and Eco Solvent Ink receptivity . Thicker films and unlimited colors are available for special order.

Particle Film is available silver, gold and all standard colors. However, the colors, widths and thicknesses can be customized to suit your needs.

Color Options

Fantasy Particle Red #32

Fantasy Particle Gold #23

Fantasy Particle Silver #10

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Industries Using Particle Film
  • Packaging

    Nothing ruins a customer’s experience faster than an unprotected product arriving with scrapes, scratches, or scuffs. The Griff Network offers a set of films for product protection against such issues.

  • Point of Purchase/Sale

    From indoor signage to window decals, Griff has the unique film products to help your business attract customers, and create environments to support your brand.

  • Printing

    From receipts to baggage tags, The Griff Network offers unique paper products for unique requirements, including anti-tearing applications. For more traditional printing projects, Griff offers industry leading printable films and receptive coatings to fit your customers’ needs.

Featured Products

  • Mirror Lens™
    Mirror Lens™

    Mirror Lens™ graphic film features a state-of-the-art repeating fresnel lens pattern that delivers a reflection so clear, you can see yourself! Griff Decorative Film’s unique take on the fresnel lens design creates a fascinating 3-D effect.

  • Carbon Fiber
    Carbon Fiber

    Carbon Fiber film can achieve the look of this sophisticated industrial fabric with the cost effectiveness of PVC film.

  • Fantasy®

    Fantasy® Sequins retain ink without smudging and lends itself to various printing types such as hot stamping, screen printing, thermal transfer, digital, offset, flexographic, latex and UV curable ink.

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