Beautifully Reflected Mirrored Light At Every Angle...

Mirror Lens™ graphic film features a state-of-the-art repeating fresnel lens pattern that delivers a reflection so clear, you can see yourself! Griff Decorative Film’s unique take on the fresnel lens design creates a fascinating 3-D effect, reflecting images even when viewed from an angle. Mirror Lens™ is a smart and subtle attention-getter when used in packaging, displays, and signage—always demanding a closer look and often leading customers to wonder, “How’d they do that?”
  • Clean Image Reflection
  • 3-D Effect
  • Ideal for Packaging and Displays, Versatile Enough for Signage, Labels and Decor
Manufactured from non-burning, self-extinguishing PVC resins, Mirror Lens™ is available in four pattern arrays—14 millimeter, 25 millimeter, 34 millimeter, and 58 millimeter—and unlimited colors with gold, silver, brass, cherry red, royal blue, and emerald green standard. Standard Mirror Lens™ yields a positive reflection, but can be formatted for a negative reflection through special order. Standard width is 63 centimeters and standard thickness is 65 to 75 microns. Mirror Lens film delivers extreme UV, outdoor durability and UVLatexProCut Vinyl Cutter, and Eco Solvent Ink receptivity. Thicker films and unlimited colors are available for special order. Mirror Lens Film is available in silver, gold and all standard colors. However, the colors, widths and thicknesses can be customized to suit your needs.

Mirror Lens COLORS

More colors and finishes available! Contact us Today!

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