There’s a reason why we call it “easy"

Easy Color® is a transparent overlaminating body colored film that can be applied to a spectrum of surfaces—including itself and other films—to achieve any color and finish effect you desire for packaging, signage, and displays. Lay our transparent Easy Color® over a metalized finish to realistically simulate the look of colored metal. Or, we can combine Easy Color® with an opaque white adhesive to achive a bright color. Our most versatile film, Easy Color® offers endless possibilities to develop a stunning concept that will be unique to your product.

  • Available in transparent & opaque finishes
  • Combines easily with other films to create unique looks
  •  Yields colors identical to our body colored films

This product is manufactured from durable PVC resins. Rigid PVC films are resistant to strong acids, alkalis, most oils, fats and alcohols. This material retains ink without smudging and lends itself to various printing types such as hot stamping, screen printing, thermal transfer, digital, offset, flexographic, latex and UV curable ink. While this material is most popular for automotive decals, its pattern makes for eye-catching Point of Purchase (PoP) displays.

Easy Color® with white adhesive is available in Flo Orange, Flo Green, Flo Pink, Flo Yellow and all standard colors. Easy Color® with transparent adhesive is available in all of our standard body colors. However, the colors, widths and thicknesses can be customized to suit your needs.

Standard Colors

Easy Color Fl. Green #43

Easy Color Royal Blue #38

Easy Color Purple #26

Easy Color Raspberry #34

Easy Color Fl. Orange #45

Easy Color Fl. Yellow #24

Easy Color Fl. Pink #32

Easy Color Black #13

Easy Color White #11

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Industries Using Easy Color
  • Packaging

    Nothing ruins a customer’s experience faster than an unprotected product arriving with scrapes, scratches, or scuffs. The Griff Network offers a set of films for product protection against such issues.

  • Point of Purchase/Sale

    From indoor signage to window decals, Griff has the unique film products to help your business attract customers, and create environments to support your brand.

  • Signage

    The right vinyl materials for your next project are essential to success. The Griff Network offers a large variety of decorative vinyls suitable for any signage application.

Featured Products

  • Mirror Lens™
    Mirror Lens™

    Mirror Lens™ graphic film features a state-of-the-art repeating fresnel lens pattern that delivers a reflection so clear, you can see yourself! Griff Decorative Film’s unique take on the fresnel lens design creates a fascinating 3-D effect.

  • Diamond Plate®
    Diamond Plate®

    Diamond Plate simulates the appearance of steel diamond plating and is most popular in the automotive industry, for cabinet facing or for catching attention as Point of Purchase (POP) displays.

  • Polychrome™

    The Griff Network’s Polychrome decorative finish provides the brilliant metallic finish of chrome within a versatile film perfect for many applications.

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