Reduce glare and increase protection

Sometimes silicone is not the answer to your release needs. Matte film can do much more than function as a simple release layer: it diffuses light to soften the glare of professional photos, adds a layer of scratch-resistance to furniture, and adds visual appeal to labels. Whether it functions as a heavy-duty surface for non-stick conveyor belts and pallets, or on a chair you sit in at a fast food restaurant, matte film makes a gentle impact in our everyday lives.

  • No Glare
  • Non-Silicone Release
  • Softening, Eye-Catching

Often, we mechanically texturize the film itself by either removing microscopic layers once it has dried (known as “sub-micron embossing”), or by cooling the molten film on a texturized roll. As always, our films can come in a wide range of colors and sizes, and can be die-cut, sheeted, or made into rolls of varying widths.

Industries Using Matte Coatings
  • Printing

    From receipts to baggage tags, The Griff Network offers unique paper products for unique requirements, including anti-tearing applications. For more traditional printing projects, Griff offers industry leading printable films and receptive coatings to fit your customers’ needs.

  • Labels

    Griff release liners ensure your labels will always peel away perfectly, and our contract services can even help you with production and developing new product lines.

Featured Products

  • Hard Coatings
    Hard Coatings

    Hard Coating films keep the quality high on a number of different surfaces such as glass, plastic, and metal.

  • Print Receptive Coating
    Print Receptive Coating

    Print receptive coatings can be printed using traditional print processes including digital.

  • Casting Liner
    Casting Liner

    Casting Liners are available with both paper and film bases on a variety of different coatings with a low transfer and low extractable release.

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