High quality protection from scratches to graffiti

Griff Hard Coating films are used on many applications to achieve a various list of ending results. Many of these results are expectations to keep the surface of an application the way it is intended to stay. Better known as Anti graffiti or scratch resistant, hard coating film is the protective film that is used to achieve those results.

  • Simple Release
  • Multiple Applications
  • Anti Graffiti or Scratch

Hard Coating films offer an excellent transparency with low haze characteristics, keeping the quality high on a number of different surfaces such as glass, plastic, and metal. Once applied, protection from spray paint, porcelain, metal, keys and other sharp or paint objects can be removed with a simple peel and replacement of our adhesive film.

Often seen on store front windows, bus shelters and even on point of sale displays, hard coating films are rarely noticed by the consumer’s eyes. All of the hard coatings are formulated without solvents and polymerized using Green Technology. These products are manufactured in a climate controlled facility that is ISO 9001:2015 certified to maintain the highest level of quality.


  • Signs
  • Retail
  • Commercial Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
Industries Using Hard Coatings
  • Automotive

    From part protection to graphic enhancements, The Griff Network has solutions for many automotive products. Engineered and bonding films help secure parts and materials inside and outside of vehicles.

  • Signage

    The right vinyl materials for your next project are essential to success. The Griff Network offers a large variety of decorative vinyls suitable for any signage application.

  • Aerospace

    From part installation to visual branding, The Griff Network has solutions for many aerospace products. Engineered and bonding films help secure parts and materials inside and outside of aircraft.

Featured Products

  • Casting Liner
    Casting Liner

    Casting Liners are available with both paper and film bases on a variety of different coatings with a low transfer and low extractable release.

  • Print Receptive Coating
    Print Receptive Coating

    Print receptive coatings can be printed using traditional print processes including digital.

  • Matte Coatings
    Matte Coatings

    Whether it functions as a heavy-duty surface for non-stick conveyor belts and pallets, or on a chair you sit in at a fast food restaurant, matte film makes a gentle impact in our everyday lives.

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