Unmatched Strength, Durability, and Protective Capabilities

RAETON™ laminated products are typically paper / film / paper , and the resultant characteristics exceed the properties of the individual components prior to them being combined. Thus, RAETON™ products are used for the most strength demanding and protective end user applications.

Due to the true paper surface of RAETON™ products, they can easily handle single and multi-color printing via the widest variety of traditional printing processes, deep embossing, foil stamping, gloss coatings, clean die-cutting, perforating, and gluing. It prints and handles just like paper because it is real paper.

RAETON™ durable papers are fully compatible with all digital print techniques including: B & W, full color laser, ink jet, and all other web or small format presses.

Manufactured to exacting relative humidity and flatness specifications, RAETON™ products exhibit unparalleled dimensional stability, exceptional consistency, high speed performance in pressroom, converting, and office environments.

Industries Using Raeton Paper Film
  • Aerospace

    From part installation to visual branding, The Griff Network has solutions for many aerospace products. Engineered and bonding films help secure parts and materials inside and outside of aircraft.

  • Labels

    Griff release liners ensure your labels will always peel away perfectly, and our contract services can even help you with production and developing new product lines.

Featured Products

  • Flexible Packaging
    Flexible Packaging

    While most flexible packaging is pre-printed, then laminated, Griff’s focus is on supplying sophisticated adhesive-laminated base material to service the narrow web printing market.

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