Perfect for the food industry, pet foods, and nutraceuticals

While most flexible packaging is pre-printed, then laminated, Griff’s focus is on supplying sophisticated adhesive-laminated base material to service the narrow web printing market. Tell us of your desired widths and we will expeditiously slit and rewind to your sizes.

Ultimate markets served by these flexible packaging materials are:

  • Food
  • HABA
  • Pet food
  • Nutraceuticals

Working with industry veterans on staff at Griff Paper and Film, one can find just the right combination of materials to achieve specific performance characteristics:

  • Barrier properties (moisture or oxygen)
  • Tear resistance
  • Puncture resistance
  • Seal characteristic
  • Printability / surface / appearance
  • Flexibility / stiffness
  • Food contact

Utilizing various papers, films and foils in adhesive lamination, the ultimate performance characteristics are achieved for the specific application. Some of the materials commonly employed are:

Papers, such as C1S, C2S, MF and MG, uncoated, opaque, creped, latex saturated. Films such as LDPE, PET, MPET, BOPP, OPP, Surlyn™, EVOH, EVA, Metallocene, Valeron. Foils, typically .00025 – .002.

Industries Using Flexible Packaging
  • Food

    Protect your food product in every phase on the process, and ensure your baked goods reach your customers in perfect condition.

  • Packaging

    Nothing ruins a customer’s experience faster than an unprotected product arriving with scrapes, scratches, or scuffs. The Griff Network offers a set of films for product protection against such issues.

  • Printing

    From receipts to baggage tags, The Griff Network offers unique paper products for unique requirements, including anti-tearing applications. For more traditional printing projects, Griff offers industry leading printable films and receptive coatings to fit your customers’ needs.

Featured Products

  • Raeton Paper Film
    Raeton Paper Film

    RAETON™ can easily handle single and multi-color printing via the widest variety of traditional printing processes, deep embossing, foil stamping, gloss coatings, clean die-cutting, perforating, and gluing.

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