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The Griff Network is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and distributor with a dense portfolio of paper and plastic products. We are a family-operated business that takes pride in our hands-on approach to manufacturing and converting. Located in Fallsington, PA, Griff owns and operates four facilities. The combined space of our facilities is approximately 150,000 square feet.

Our products, alongside our passion for great service, have been backed by highly knowledgeable experts and industry insight. 

We are a company consisting of five subdivisions:

    • Griff Paper and Film
    • Griff Converting Services
    • Griff Metallization Services
    • Griff Applied Laminates
    • Griff Decorative Films 

Griff Paper and Film

At Griff Paper and Film, we are dedicated to developing industry-leading paper and film products. Griff Paper and Film carries a variety of paper, film, and foil products. Our products are high quality and cost-effective.

Griff Converting Services

Griff Converting Services launched in 1983. Since then, paper and film converting has been the heartbeat of Griff. Whether you need rolls of coated film or laminated paper cut or slit, sheeted or spooled, Griff has a converting solution for your business. 

Additionally, Griff Converting Services offers supplemental services, ranging from 4-color process printing, to packaging and warehousing.

Griff Metallizing Services

GMS was founded in 2022 when The Griff Network acquired Atlas Metallizing in New Britain, CT. This acquisition allowed Griff to expand our metallization capacity, as well as, devote an entire facility to metallization. 

Griff Decorative Films

Established in 2012, Griff Decorative Films manufactures decorative films fit for nearly any industry. Our decorative products are multipurpose and are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Griff’s decorative films are designed to have excellent wrapping properties and have long-lasting applications.

Griff Applied Laminates

In 2005, Griff launched its applied laminates division. Our lamination services help add integrity and durability to a variety of films, foils, foams, papers and non-wovens. Griff Applied Laminates offers innovative solutions to our clients’ lamination challenges. 

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