Kingfisher™ Sandbags

Kingfisher™ is our brand of superior polypropylene sandbags.

Constructed using the highest quality components, including tightly woven polypropylene, these sandbags are built to withstand the most extreme elements.  The sandbags are 100% waterproof and chemical resistant to ensure that the contents are not contaminated from the outside.  This makes our bags ideal for flood relief and prevention.

The woven coated exterior to Kingfisher™ sandbags also exhibits high tensile strength, elongation, and puncture resistance.

  • Available with or without tie strings
  • Available in 35 g or 75 g
  • Complimentary logo printing available
  • Available in the color of your choice
Mesh10 x 10
UV Rating1600 hours
Top SideHemming
Bottom SideSingle Fold

Download Spec Sheet: King Fisher Sandbags

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