Ensure your product is protected and installs properly


Protect your product with high quality release liners and sheets from The Griff Network. Designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, you can rely on Griff to provide your product with the proper backing and release paper to ensure proper application and installation, even in high temperature and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Silicone release liner rolls
  • Silicone release sheets
  • Silicone release packaging (sheets die cuts, circles)
  • Bituminous release liners
  • Laminated face materials
  • High temperature bonding films
  • Perfed Liners
  • Geomembrane Liners

Related Services

UV coatings offer a large range of functionalities to any base substrate. UV coatings are 100% reactive and use no solvents – making the coating process much greener than traditional coating techniques.

Whether for aerospace, smartphones, or snack bags, lamination plays a key roll in structural integrity, multifunctional layers, and packaging for many products.

The Griff Network offers a full suite of converting services, including slitting/rewinding, sheeting, die & guillotine cutting, back printing, warehousing, and packaging.


From the bandage paper we peel away after a nasty paper-cut to the backing of every postage stamp we place, silicone release paper keeps fresh and tacky a wide variety of adhesives.

As a global supplier of release liners for all adhesive, rubber, electronic, circuit, and sealant related products we utilize the latest technology in coating and converting to meet your demand.

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