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Solve unique printing projects with our versatile film and paper products.


  • Raeton
  • Durable paper
  • Synthetic Paper
  • Print receptive films
  • Holographic board
  • Printable films
  • Print receptive coatings

Unique Products for Printing Projects...

Offer your customers high quality, highly durable printing solutions for their complex projects. From receipts to baggage tags, The Griff Network offers unique paper products for unique printing requirements, including anti-tearing applications. In addition, Griff offers industry leading printable films and receptive coatings to fit you or your customers’ needs. 

Finally, Griff can provide custom decorative films and vinyl from their GDF facility. Similarly, these films and vinyl are printable and can provide the perfect finish for any point-of-sale signage or displays. Contact us today to learn more about how we can create printing and graphic solutions for you. 

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Griff’s print receptive coating is applied to a wide variety of films including nylon, PET and OPP. These print receptive coatings are usually primers applied to a substrate to host various types of inks.
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Matte film can do much more than function as a simple release layer: it diffuses light to soften the glare of professional photos, adds a layer of scratch-resistance to furniture, and adds visual appeal to labels
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