Unique Products for Printing Projects

Offer your customers high quality, highly durable printing solutions for complex projects. From receipts to baggage tags, The Griff Network offers unique paper products for unique requirements, including anti-tearing applications. For more traditional printing projects, Griff offers industry leading printable films and receptive coatings to fit your customers’ needs.

  • Raeton
  • Durable paper
  • Synthetic Paper
  • Print receptive films
  • Holographic board
  • Printable films
  • Print receptive coatings

Printing Related Products

  • Graphic Papers
    Graphic Papers

    As a global supplier of the latest print-based substrates whether in sheet form, roll-fed, encad, or even a desktop product, we cut to size and produce to order.

  • Packaging and Industrial Papers
    Packaging and Industrial Papers

    As a global supplier of all grades of packaging and industrial products we turn raw materials into functional and economic products.

  • Raeton Paper Film
    Raeton Paper Film

    RAETON™ can easily handle single and multi-color printing via the widest variety of traditional printing processes, deep embossing, foil stamping, gloss coatings, clean die-cutting, perforating, and gluing.

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Related Services

  • Lamination

    Whether for aerospace, smartphones, or snack bags, lamination plays a key roll in structural integrity, multifunctional layers, and packaging for many products.

  • Metallization

    Griff offers metallizing on a variety of plastic films to enhance you products shelf appeal with a silver mirror finish.

  • UV Coating

    UV coatings offer a large range of functionalities to any base substrate. UV coatings are 100% reactive and use no solvents – making the coating process much greener than traditional coating techniques.

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