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Nothing ruins a customer’s experience faster than an unprotected product arriving with scrapes, scratches, or scuffs. The Griff Network offers a set of films for product protection against such issues. Additionally, Griff films and decorative vinyl can enhance the look and appearance of your products, increasing their look, and instilling value.

  • Laminated films
  • Co-ex films
  • Aluminum foil film laminates
  • Heat seal films
  • thermoform sheets and films
  • Vinyl for set up boxes
  • Silicone coated boxes

Packaging Related Products

  • Packaging and Industrial Films
    Packaging and Industrial Films

    As a global supplier of all grades of packaging and industrial products we turn raw materials into functional and economic products. Custom create your own product or buy off the shelf: diecuts, sheets, rolls, and laminates.

  • Easy Color
    Easy Color

    Easy Color® is a transparent overlaminating body colored film that can be applied to a spectrum of surfaces—including itself and other films—to achieve any color and finish effect you desire for packaging, signage, and displays.

  • Flexible Packaging
    Flexible Packaging

    While most flexible packaging is pre-printed, then laminated, Griff’s focus is on supplying sophisticated adhesive-laminated base material to service the narrow web printing market.

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Related Services

  • Lamination

    Whether for aerospace, smartphones, or snack bags, lamination plays a key roll in structural integrity, multifunctional layers, and packaging for many products.

  • Metallization

    Griff offers metallizing on a variety of plastic films to enhance you products shelf appeal with a silver mirror finish.

  • Coating

    UV coatings offer a large range of functionalities to any base substrate. UV coatings are 100% reactive and use no solvents – making the coating process much greener than traditional coating techniques.

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