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From product packaging, to proper tape application, The Griff Network has helped medical industries and institutions save lives. The films, release liners, and laminations offered by Griff help ensure proper protection of sensitive products, and ensure correct application of many medical materials. And, our research and development team is ready to help you with any highly specialized applications or requirements.
  • Engineered Films
  • Packaging films
  • Medical tapes
  • Laminations
  • High barrier films
  • Film and paper release liners
  • Die cutting

Related Services

The Griff Network has the extrusion capability to manufacture polymer film and sheet goods from 2mil – 50mil and a maximum width of 40″ wide.

Whether for aerospace, smartphones, or snack bags, lamination plays a key roll in structural integrity, multifunctional layers, and packaging for many products.

When you have a need for dependable development collaboration ready with both equipment and expertise capable, turn to The Griff Network.


Griff Paper and Film is a global supplier of custom engineered films, we can offer superior properties to meet and exceed your requirements in performance and cost effectiveness.

Surface Protection Film is used to keep substrates clean and to protect from unnecessary stains, abrasions, or scratches during fabrication, transportation, and installation processes.

As a global supplier of release liners for all adhesive, rubber, electronic, circuit, and sealant related products we utilize the latest technology in coating and converting to meet your demand.

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