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Innovative solutions for bank cards, credit cards, gift cards, and more.


  • Pre-lam structures
  • Holographic
  • Silver mirror
  • Bonding adhesives
  • Metal card products
  • Security features

Make Your Next Credit Card Beautiful and Secure...

Give your customers high quality, uniquely designed credit cards and debit cards to make your business stand out. From decorative surfaces and metal finishes, your next premier credit card can look amazing, and help protect your customers. In addition, The Griff Network has developed a series of innovative films and products to help create stunning and secure credit cards, gift cards, debit cards, and more.

Blue Mirror Film

The Griff Network’s patented Blue Mirror Film is the premier dual interface core that provides a printable surface for any manufacturer of credit cards or gift cards. Our Pre-LAM’s offer superior bond strength and flatness. Our cores come print-ready and meet all Mastercard specifications for dual interface cores.


Finished cards using our material will pass ISO 10373 requirements for Integrated Circuit and Proximity Cards. In addition, Blue Mirror Film’s minimal interference while embedded with antennas and circuits makes it perfect for use in dual interface cards. Furthermore, if Blue Mirror Film is not required, Griff’s original Silver Mirror Pre-LAM is also available which offers an even higher degree of reflection.

Blue Steel Select

• The only Pre-LAM on the market that doesn’t have an RFID Waiver

• The strongest bond construction in the industry, reducing delamination waste up to 40%

• Print-ready – no required pretreatment

• One pass silkscreen process can eliminate silkscreen bottlenecking

• Our Pre-LAM does not require a matched “B” lamination side

• Measurable cost savings through waste reduction and prodution improvements

"MC Series" Bonding Films

Griff is a leading manufacturer and supplier of best in class adhesive Bonding Films to companies both nationally and internationally. Our Bonding Films offer reliable stability and adhesion to a countless variety of plastics and metals. These films are constructed by layering a durable, lightweight polyester film between two adhesive films creating a stable bond while still maintaining full transparency. Furthermore, these multi-purpose films can be created in a variety of thicknesses for the metal and transaction card manufacturing industry plus many more. Contact one of our representatives today to find out how The Griff Network can customize a solution for your needs.

Standard Properties:

• Available in Transparent and Non-Transparent Films

• Adhesion strength: >3.00N/mm

• Core Thickness Available: 0.48mil (12um) – 3.0mil (75um)

• Adhesive Thickness available:
0.75mil (19um) – 2.0mil (50um)

• Total Weight: 81gsm

• Yield: 8,640 inches2/lb

• Shelf Life: Six Months

• Melting Point: 428° F

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