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Make your building and construction products strong, effective, and permanent with films, release liners, and face films from The Griff Network. Help ensure proper application and protection from your products with our innovative solutions for building and construction products. The Griff research and development team is also ready to help develop solutions to your most complex product requirements and application needs.

Our Products Include:
  • High temperature bonding films
  • Bituminous release liners rolls
  • Strength Face films
  • Barrier Face films
  • Synthetics
  • Roofing Underlayment
  • Flashing Tape 
  • Geomembrane Liners
  • Waterproof Sandbags 
  • FIBC & Containment Bags


Our roofing underlayment is among the safest, strongest and most durable underlayments available on the market. This underlayment has incredible traction wet or dry to prevent slipping. It’s constructed with a woven, LDPE-coated HDPE scrim, it has proven far superior to popular felt underlayments.
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The RUF Tape™ flashing tape is adhered to a split liner for easy and accurate positioning and installation. It provides superior UV protection with the ability to withstand 6 months of UV exposure. Its durable construction provides resistance to extreme heat and cold as well.
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SHARK Geomembranes

Shark Geomembranes™ are woven coated membranes featuring a HDPE scrim coated on both sides with LDPE. Our geomembrane material is tough durable and resistant to abrasion. It is composed of non-toxic materials, making it perfect for oil & gas, salt piles, spill containment, pond liners, remediation and other various applications.
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Wolverine Wrap

Wolverine Wrap™ is a woven, perforated engineered polyolefin product that is built incredibly stronger than other conventional house wraps. Wolverine Wrap™ is a high-quality, low-cost solution for preventing air leakage, controlling drafts, improving indoor air quality and protecting wall systems from water damage. Its superior design makes it capable of withstanding high stress and harsh environments.
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Kingfisher Sandbags

These sandbags are 100% waterproof, making them perfect for flood relief and prevention. Each sandbag is woven-coated for high tensile strength, elongation, and puncture-resistance.
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Our woven-coated polypropylene FIBC bags are specifically designed with durability and strength in mind. Each bag has LDPE coating on the outside with a polypropylene-lined interior to ensure proper containment. Depending on the application and requirements, we are able to customize the spouts, loops, and SWL capacity.
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Our cross-laminated line of polyethylene tarps are more lightweight and stronger than ever. Nextarp™ products are tear and puncture resistant, unable to fray, and are still lighter than your standard heavy-duty tarp.
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