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Recycle Paper Dating back to when Griff & Associates was founded in 1977 before the concept of “going green” became a public push, founders Alex Phinn Sr. and S.E. Griffith were already doing so by purchasing and reselling rolls of paper classified as second quality. In 1983, Alex Phinn Jr. joined the company and focused his efforts on salvage converting. Taking damaged rolls of paper that would normally go to landfills, Griff began creating usable reconditioned products.

With the core value of a sustainable environment, Griff Paper and Film carefully added more eco-friendly converting and manufacturing to the business. For example, Griff’s Coated Products division uses a particular technique of using UV coatings that not only limits the amount of energy power used, but also reduces the risks of environment exposure to gases. In addition to the manufacturing processes they implement, Griff has chosen to help support industries such as solar, battery and fuel cell with new innovative materials. These are just a few examples of how Griff creates their products and support the products of our clients, all while lowering the carbon footprint for all. Griff holds their social responsibility to the environment at the highest standard by looking for and discovering new ways to improve the company’s processes.

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