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Why Silicone Release Paper Matters 5

You’re 65 and your home repairs could be going better. In fact, if you hadn’t taken so much of it on yourself, this whole thing might have been done a couple of months ago. But learning experiences are more important than hiring a professional, and you’re bound to see this through to the end.

Youtube has been your friend and guide throughout this journey. First you spent about a week sanding and cleaning the kitchen subfloor. And now you’ve laid out all the vinyl tiles in a nice arrangement, and drawn a chalk outline into the center of the room, just like the video instructed you to do.

Vinyl Fllor

As you go to peel off the backing of the first center tile, you know this is a make-or-break moment. You check the release paper on the back to see what direction the arrows go, and you lay the tile down carefully against the chalk line. You take out the next tile, and you check the arrows again. Even though you’re just going to throw out the paper, you are momentarily relieved that the paper lets you move around the tile and turn it in the right direction before you permanently adhere it to the floor.

It gets easier with the third and fourth tiles, and soon your mind is already in the future, contemplating how you’ll have to sneak out the rolling pin to use on the floor without anyone noticing. But for now, this stage of the vinyl flooring is much easier than you expected it to be. Once this is over with, you’ll walk around barefoot in the kitchen for a while, unafraid of splinters – a luxury you haven’t enjoyed in more than a month.

How is your home improvement project going? Tell us below!

For more information on Silicone Release Liners, go here.


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Why Silicone Release Paper Matters 6
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