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Why Silicone Release Paper Matters 4

You’re 49 and your daughter just moved into her first place, 3 states away. Everyone chipped in to help in some way: your mother even gifted her with casserole dishes and other kitchen tools so she wouldn’t starve, though you know your daughter will probably live on pizza until she finishes unpacking the kitchen.

Fed EX Box

Your daughter called you as soon as she arrived, and told you about which boxes she was unpacking first, and how big and empty the apartment feels. There is a strange stillness to your house that mirrors hers, as if the lack of her presence created a hole where her room used to be.

She already submitted her change of address form to the post office, and is getting her driver’s license updated next week. In fact, she’s barely been gone a day and despite all her efforts, you’re already getting her mail. By the end of a week, you have a massive pile waiting for her.

You tuck her mail into a bag and you go to Fed Ex to buy a few envelopes, convinced that you won’t be able to fit it all into one package. But when you catch sight of the small boxes, you know you’ve found the right solution.

All of her mail that could barely fit into a grocery bag manages to fit easily into the box. But before you pull off the release paper and seal the whole thing shut, you add a hand-scribbled note for her.

“Thinking of you in your new place. Maybe I’m jealous? Or maybe I miss you. Talk to you soon. Love you.”

With that final note, you seal it shut and you know the powerful adhesive will keep the box from opening during its long journey.

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For more information on Silicone Release Liners, go here.


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