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Why Silicone Release Paper Matters 3

You’re 34 and cupcakes aren’t that difficult to bake when you’re using boxed mixes. The issue is that when they’re done baking, they become permanently attached to their wrappers. And while nobody is crazy enough to complain about cupcakes, you think there must be a way to make cupcakes without having to either lose half of the cake or eat some of the paper.

CupcakeWhile you’re picking up your mixes, you see cupcake liners that are advertised as being non-stick. Some of them are made of some rubbery material, which would mean that people would need to save the wrappers after they were finished eating them. Not a good choice for a kids’ birthday party.

But above them are some paper liners advertised as being non-stick. You look them over, trying to figure out what makes them so different from the old liners you used to use. You see ones marked “Greaseproof” and some marked “Parchment.” You don’t know which one is better so you buy both. You have a lot of cupcakes to make.

And while the fire alarm doesn’t go off during your baking process this time, you do manage to decorate the kitchen wall with an orange, sugary-sweet powder. The non-stick liners are easy and familiar to use, and you really can’t see a difference between them and your old paper liners. You wonder if maybe you made a mistake.

You aren’t willing to wait to find out. When the first batch of orange-sherbet cupcakes come out of the oven, you’re already pulling out a volcanically-hot cupcake, batting it between your hands and blowing on it as if that’s going to make any kind of difference. You singe the tips of your fingers as you pull at the wrapper, but lo and behold, it peels right off as advertised.

You drop the piping hot cupcake, strangely bare in a way you’ve never seen cupcakes before like a whole lemon with its rind peeled off, onto a napkin and pick it apart to cool it off more quickly. The first scoop of crumbs goes straight into your mouth, because what kind of baker would you be if you didn’t taste-test your food? It’s perfect.

For more information on Silicone Release Liners, go here.


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Why Silicone Release Paper Matters 2
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