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Why Silicone Release Paper Matters 1

You’re five years old and your uncle gives you a book of stickers. Most of them are of your favorite TV show character, while the rest are that character’s sidekicks or vehicles. You immediately peel off the ones that matter the least to you and stick them anywhere you can find – your arms, your face, even your wall, much to the disappointment of your mother.


And while the stickers on your face and arms shrivel and fall off, to be heaped into the garbage can before bath time, the best pictures of your favorite character stay pristine in that book. You open that book every day for a couple of weeks, just to look at the pictures, run your fingers over them to feel the edges where the stickers’ silhouettes have been cut away from the background. They’re ready for use, but you’re waiting for the right moment and the right place to put them.

Another few weeks go by and you’re in no rush to remove these stickers. Here and there, especially when you’ve had a bad day in History class, you pull out the book of stickers and look at the images that remain. That same happy feeling comes back to you each time you look at them. Months go by and you look at the stickers less often. You’ve memorized what they all look like so just the thought of them is enough to turn your mood around.

It’s your sixth birthday and your mom gets you a book to put the stickers into. The paper has a texture to it, a little thicker than the papers in school and it holds pencil writing easily. Your mom warns you that once the stickers go into this book, they can’t come back out again. This doesn’t make sense to you because the stickers came on their own kind of paper, so why wouldn’t they stick to that forever as well?

You open your sticker book again. All the saved images look pristine, exactly like they did nearly one year ago. In the gaps left behind by removed stickers, you trace your way across that paper. It feels both slippery and hard to move your fingers over. You try writing on it, but the letters just won’t stay. You understand that there are different kinds of papers that do different things.

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Why Silicone Release Paper Matters 2

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