Building a Sustainable Future...

At Griff, providing sustainable products and services to our clients is of the utmost importance. Protecting our communities and environment is a responsibility that we value highly. 

For more than 35 years, Griff has been dedicated to sustainable operation. Since our inception, we have been committed to helping the environment by using recycled materials. We reprocess recycled paper and film to create new products and support responsible innovation.

Since 1994, Griff has made recycling a priority. We recycle a minimum of two million pounds of paper and plastic products annually.

As a manufacturer and supplier, we believe it is our responsibility to encourage sustainability and guide customers with the development of superior recyclable products. Providing product choices that are recyclable, compostable, or eco-friendly such as, our Eco-Metwrap Paper, not only contributes to a cleaner planet, but can improve retail branding and decrease overall production costs. 

Griff’s research and development team is constantly working towards improving the recyclability of our products. 

Our facilities are focused on reducing waste and minimizing Griff’s ecological footprint. When possible, we utilize energy-efficient equipment and Energy Management Systems.

Our services, such as converting and coating, use energy-efficient machines and techniques to limit overall power use and reduce the risk of environmental exposure to harmful gases. We are constantly reducing and recycling waste from our machines and packaging materials to limit our overall carbon footprint. Every day, Griff continues to improve and grow through these ideals because we believe investing and practicing sustainable business methods are the key to a brighter future.  

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