Griff Awarded New Patent

The Griff Network was awarded a new patent.

Griff’s research and development team was granted a patent for use in the credit card industry. 

The new invention consists of a new method for laminating multilayered structures together. It is made of a free-flowing copolymer designed to thermally balance two different contracting/expanding plastics.

Additionally, the co-polymer adds flexibility to the plastic. The “primer” layer or “thermal balance layer” fully encapsulates the PET layer and can absorb the difference between the internal PET layer with any layer bonded to the enclosed PET without cracking, bending, or pitting and can “reset” into position when the heating/cooling has ended to make planar plastic core sheets for products such as credit cards, gift cards, and more.

The patent was awarded to inventor and Griff’s product development manager, Tim Roche. 

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