Griff Purchases New Spooling Machine

New Spooling Equipment
Improving Our Spooling and Traverse Rewinding Capabilities to Satisfy Our Clients Demands
Griff continues its fourth-quarter expansion by adding additional spooling/rewinding equipment to its Coating & Laminating Division.  This additional equipment will add capacity to meet increased client demand and give new customers access to our exceptional spooled product lines.
Our Coating & Laminating Division specializes in silicone coated paper and film products.  Griff also specializes in the whole supply chain from coating the liners to finishing into slit rolls, spooled/traverse wound rolls, sheets, and die-cut shapes.  Spooled materials can increase your processing capabilities by limiting machine downtimes with the additional footage a spooled product provides. If you have questions about retrofitting your existing single roll/pancake roll unwinding units, please let us know.  Tolling customer material is available.
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