Griff Expands and Relocates Decorative Film Division

Rolls of decorative film

After several years of growth, Griff moved its decorative film facility from Lakewood, NJ to Fallsington, PA.

The Griff Network continues to expand its operations. After just adding new slitting equipment to its converting capabilities, Griff is upgrading its decorative film division by relocating it.

This move will assist Griff Decorative Films, a division of Griff Paper and Film, with accommodating growth and increasing demand. In addition to relocating, Griff Decorative Films added a new extrusion line to increase capacity. The company also upgraded its pressure sensitive coaters.

The relocation of Griff Decorative Films will enable the company to have better logistics utilization with all three plants located in Fallsington, PA. The move will also assist the company with better utilization of converting services in its decorative film division.

“Griff is a fast growing and reliable company. For more than 35 years, Griff has been and continues to be a consistent and thriving organization. This expansion will allow us to better serve our clients and increase capacity. We are looking forward to using the additional capacity to create new products and support new clients worldwide,” Mike Trapp, Chief Operating Officer, said.

Griff Decorative Films manufactures a wide range of custom graphic and writable films. With options such as iridescent, metal, holographic, lens, transparent, opaque films, and color matching, the possibilities are endless. Our films can also be customized to fit your needs.

 Additionally, our graphic and decorative films can be printed with a variety of printing methods. With these films, you can add a wow factor to your business’s products and signs. 

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