• 1977 •

Coming from the Water Proof and Asphalt Paper business, Alex Phinn Sr. & S.E. Griffith create Griff & Associates in Fort Washington, PA.

• 1981 •

S.E. Griffith retires selling the business to Alex Phinn Sr. who then opens offices in Tullytown, PA.

• 1983 •

Alex Phinn Jr. joins the company launching the custom converting division

• 1988 - 1993 •

Bob Phinn, John Phinn, and Todd Phinn join the company.

Griff moves its plant and office facilities to Bristol, PA.

• 1994 •

Bob, Alex, John, and Todd purchase the company from their father. Griff expands into a 100,000+ square ft facility and office space in Fallsington, PA. The brothers also upgrade converting capabilities by purchasing more equipment.

• 2001 •

Griff purchases the company’s current headquarters in Fallsington, PA.

By adding more equipment and square feet, Griff expands its capabilities.

• 2005 •

Griff purchases a new building and launches its Applied Laminates Division which caters to the energy market.

Griff also purchases a facility to expand extruding, coating, and laminating capacities.

rolls of films on a slitter

• 2012 •

Griff purchases Creative Films in Lakewood, NJ and launches its Decorative Films Division

• 2013 •

Brand new multi-million-dollar equipment is purchased to expand the coating and lamination business.

This expansion strengthens the company’s capabilities.

• 2014 •

Griff purchases its fourth facility to expand on the contract converting and extrusion lines for cast extrusions business.

• 2019 •

Griff expands its facilities to accommodate tarps, membranes, and geotextile liners, launching its Geo-Liner Division.

• 2021 •

Griff Decorative  Films relocates from Lakewood, NJ to Fallsington, PA.

Griff expands capabilities by adding new equipment. This equipment upgrade consists of a new coater, extruder, and hot-melt adhesive. The company also added new slitting and spooling equipment, and a roll label press.

• 2023 •

Griff acquires Atlas Metallizing and launches Griff Metallizing Services.

The company upgrades its capabilities by adding new toll coating lines.

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