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UV Coater       Posted: 06/25/18

List of Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for making sure the machines are running on schedule at company standards. Making necessary changes and set-ups as needed to insure customer deliveries. This includes and not limited to any coating mixtures, proper roller installed and UV lamp setting.
  • Responsible for the quality of the finished product as set by the company’s quality program. This includes any field testing that is needed to insure correct release or finish.
  • The Coating Machine Operator selects appropriate coatings and prepares them by mixing substances according to formulas. The Coating Machine Operator starts pumps to mix solutions and fill tanks.
  • The Coating Machine Operator needs the skills to watch gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure a machine is working properly.
  • The Coating Machine Operator starts and stops operations of machines, using levers or buttons. The Coating Machine Operator records operational data on specified forms.
  • The Coating Machine Operator will need to assist in loading and unloading of the machine. This will require use of a forklift.
  • Make sure machines are properly lubricated and running at proper speeds. Make adjustments or repairs to maintain efficiencies in production or the reduction in waste.
  • Make sure areas of the plant are keep clean and safe. Assign work as needed to maintain.
  • Other miscellaneous duties as assigned by management.

Material Handler       Posted: 06/25/18

List of Responsibilities:

  • Must ensure that all materials that are pulled meet the customer specifications and are prepared for Production.
  • Must enter information in the inventory system correctly and accurately as material is returned to the warehouse.
  • Report to Management any material or packaging shortages and damages.
  • Help all Production Lines with the finished product and the packaging as set by the company’s quality program and the Customer’s instructions.
  • Must know and follow safety rules.
  • Make sure areas of the plant are kept clean and safe. Assign work as needed to maintain.
  • Must take material to machines so they do not run out for production.
  • Other miscellaneous duties as assigned by management.

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