About Us


For over forty years, The Griff Network has provided materials that have created solutions for our clients. Our dedication to our customers has continued to grow, which has led to the expansion of five material facilities servicing clients worldwide. Our extensive capabilities such as extrusion, lamination, metallization, coating, packaging, and custom converting provide for industries such as aerospace, food, medical, automotive, energy, credit card, graphic, signage, construction, tape, label, and many more. Also with new patented products being created every day, our research and development team continues to find creative ways to meet our customer’s needs. To this day, The Griff Network continues to stay true to its code by delivering quality solutions to its customers through innovative products, custom processes, and expert leading services.


Forged from the beginning, our mission is to provide the highest quality material products to our clients. We strive to deliver excellence to our customers through custom, innovative product solutions, and expert industry knowledge. Our continuous investment in new services and materials give our clients the confidence to pursue their business goals.


Our vision is to be the most valuable partner to our existing customers and potential new clients. We plan to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations by always providing tailored innovative products, custom converting and finishing processes, and expert leading knowledge of various industries.

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